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Fair well to ootskoot
14 July 2010

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11 May 2007

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Just Chillin
19 April 2007

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On The Train
20 March 2007

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7 March 2007

Recent Comments

Very artistic and imaginative

Katalog Stron on Fair well to ootskoot
nice shot,wish all the best and Happy New Year

DomAry on Paul 2
portrait vraiment très intéressant attitude bien saisie, bravo Amicalement DomAry

omiD on Fair well to ootskoot
Nice shot

Curly on +
Crikey, this is an interesting one, the strong magentas are they intentional? The bright light in the foreground ...

ISO on Paul
very nice capture !

Zorilla on Paul
If Georges Perec were still alive I'm sure this is what he'd look like today

☾éline on _v_
Excellent ! I like the focus a lot !

alex centrella on _v_
G R E A T .....

Sof on _v_
Nice shot

Albert Manso on _v_
Nice composition! Great shot!

Curly on l.
Great laugh this shot, what a juxtaposition, a sexy model licking next to an Amish market :-)

Zorilla on l.
Those Amish! Great composition

Albert Manso on L
Great shot! Spectacular color!

Albert Manso on | | | |
Nice shot! Great perpective!

☾éline on 25mph
This view is beautiful too !

Bonvilston on | | | |
I am not so sure about the blur. I think the picture is strong enough to stand on its own with no effects.

Céline on | | | |
Great picture ! I love the blurry effect you did here !

Sarito on | |\/| |
Stunning... the point of view is amazing..

Bonvilston on | |\/| |
WOW ! This is such a fantastic shot. You must have spent so long getting exactly the effect you wanted, but boy was it ...

Curly on | |\/| |
Terrific! The most eye catching shot I've seen so far today.

Paul on | |\/| |
Great shot

Anneka on | |\/| |
Wonderful shot.

Céline on | |\/| |
Very beautiful ! The luminosity is awesome ! Nice visual title : )

Graham Morgan on ***/|
Fantastic colours and I love the tilt you created.

Stefan on ***/|
Wow, fantastic image!

Erika Melisa on ***/|
awesome shot. and i can see the stars!!

David on __{ /
Very well seen, and well composed. I love the saturated color and the light that brings out the textures.

David on vision
This is a really cool shot. I love the colors melting into each other.

David on L
I love the color.

manolo on L

Marleen on L
Cool shot!

Farnaaz on L
Easy , simple , nice , good composition. To be honest I'd like not to see the element on the right corner up ...

Dawn on L
Awesome shot. Love those golden tones and composition. : )

theys on __{ /
Beautiful photography and successful, I like

David on Roadside patter
I really like the way you've played with the framing, and the depth of field lends itself to that, too. Great ...

David on [ ]
This is a very cool composition (warm colors, yes, but cool none the less). I love the textures, and the play between ...

Ryan Murray on The Face Project

Bryant on The Face Project
Senior Project?

Dimitrios, think positive. on The Face Project

Edward James on Sam
I remember coming across your photos way back when I signed up to Am3. I finally found them again. Amazing portrait. ...

Edison on Sam
love the shot... color and clarity... perfect

juan on Sam
Very good portrait, specially the light...

k@ on Sam
I love this portrait : clever smiling face and superb colors !

Rags on Sam
Lovely lighting.

Behar on "HACHK!"
o Hachkera qysh mu msu be me thy pasa a tung kalofshi mir:D

lucid on Ruth
Nice portrait! Very natural. :)

LauraS on Ruth
Wonderful portrait, love the composition and happy subject. Nice work.

Dimitrios on Ruth
what a happy portrait, the blues are great

Elodie on Steve
Great portrait. People look so happy on your pictures ! Beautiful portfolio.

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